Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Bucket Chairs - Are these the ultimate home or office chair?

Let me ask you a question... do you know of - or have you ever heard of - a tub or bucket chair?

It is a strange question, true. But the unusual thing is that not many people know exactly what tese chairs are or what they look like. Yet, if you show them a picture of one or point one out in a doctor's waiting room, they will know exactly what you mean.

Tub chairs have been around for generations. From the Victorian era all the way up to today, they 'glamourize' and jazz-up any space which they are planted in. In 1900's France the king used to be the only person who was allowed to sit on one of these beautiful specimens. So don't ever say you don't know where they came from! :)

Also known as single arm chairs, their low back and overall curved design give these a rather sleek and almost modern look while at the say time preserving their history by glancing back at the era in which they came from.

As you can see above, they can come in various tones and hues. The one above is a beautiful example and is light grey in colour - it comes from All Tub Chairs UK. This particular one cost in the region of £350 so it is not a cheap and cheerful option. But saying that you can find tub chairs at under £50 at times, so keep your eyes peeled for bargains and special offers.

One very overlooked feature which tub chairs have is the fact that they are so easy to clean if you spill liquids on them. Simply wipe with a damp, clean cloth and your chair is brought back to brand new! Fabric types are more tricky but there are literally 100's of new products which can be picked up in your local supermarket which can treat these types of tub chairs.

So, if you're on a budget, these types of chairs are ideal for apartments, homes, offices and waiting rooms. They are easy sourced and last for years due to their sturdy build quality.

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